Why ‘modernkutuzov?’

To win the war, Kutuzov conceeds Moscow.

Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov was the Russian general who defeated Napoleon in 1812.  The key to his strategy was to avoid battle when he knew he could not win, and to press his advantage for as long as it lasted.   While this led to the surrender of Moscow, it culminated with the full Napoleonic retreat in which 93,000 of Napoleon’s army of 690,000 returned to Prussia alive.

Picking your battles not only applies to military history:  it also applies to gaming.  Sometimes it’s important to get the rules exactly right, sometimes it’s important to call out bad behavior when you see it.  Other times, it doesn’t help.  Sometimes you’re the oak.  Other times, the reed.

I use the username ‘modernkutuzov’ because the qualities that made Kutuzov a great general apply equally well in the modern – and post-modern- world.


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