Hallowed Halls Dungeon Tiles

I have a pretty sparse set of dungeon mastering supplies.  Since I’m only on that side of the table about once a month, I’ve devoted my gaming resources in other other directions.  I do, however, have the basics:  a Dungeon Master’s Guide, both Monster Manuals (plus Dungeon Denizens by Aeryn Blackdirge from Goodman), a few modules, plenty of dice, a battle mat and a small to moderate collection of miniatures.  The battle mat works fine, for the most part, though there are a few times I wished it were larger.

My regular DM, however, has a few sets of Dungeon Tiles from Wizards of the Coast, and I must admit, that there is an added fun factor to maneuvering our minis over the cardboard grids.

A few days ago, I splurged a bit (though around $10 per set, they aren’t tooo expensive) and came home with a set of the Hallowed Halls Dungeon Tiles.  I didn’t know that this set includes a three dimensional element.  There’s not much mention on the outside of the package, and there are no real directions inside.  After punching everything out, I spread the pieces across my table and started playing.  It took me a bit to understand how they fit together, so I’m including some pictures that may help the rest of you along.

To make this table...

Use the round top and middle two, lighter pieces shown here.


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