Podcast Round-up

Here are the gaming related podcasts that I’m following, in alphabetical order.  All are worth a listen.

  1. Atomic Array – well produced, general hobby gaming podcast
  2. Dragon’s Landing – focuses more on the creativity side of role playing games
  3. GeekNights Tuesdays:  Gaming – fun duo who talk about the gaming that interests them at the moment; mostly video games, but with board gaming (especially German Board Games) and card games too.
  4. Dungeons & Dragons Podcast – from Wizards; features interviews, product previews and the occasional live game play sessions in connection with the fellows over at Penny Arcade and friends.
  5. Open Design Podcast – focused more on mechanics and game design and making gaming better.   Includes third edition content.
  6. The Power Source – solid 4e podcast, with great guest hosts
  7. Radio Free Hommlet – consistent 4e podcast, well thought out with a focus on mechanics
  8. The Tome Show – Well produced podcast that provides a good balance of 4e product reviews, interviews and advice with frequent guest hosts.  This is probably my favorite.

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